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Museum Refurbishment Pictures

Please take a look at the pictures from the first phase of the museum refurbishment! They are accessible through Facebook for now.


Animal Videos!

Warning: Graphic content, to be used for educational purposes only. We have HD videos of some of The Discovery Center’s animals eating! Make sure to check out the last video, ...


Newborn Bunnies!

A little while back, a few bunnies were dropped off at The Discovery Center. A couple of them roam freely in the park, to make a home where they please. Take ...


Accepting Volunteers for the Museum Clean-up & Refurbishment

Feel like being the Hulk? Well, come on down this Saturday to help us RIP and BASH the old drywall off of the inside of the museum! All supplies are ...


Zuu-Zuu’s Boo Boo!

Our Savannah Monitor, Zuu-Zuu, had an infection on her toe! Veterinarian Sue Lynch came to The Discovery Center, diagnosed an abscess and treated it. After a couple days of antibiotics, ...


Dove Eggs Due to Hatch!

Today we are watching our doves as they expect their eggs to hatch. We estimated that they would hatch either January 15 or 16. The momma dove is off of ...


Lego Robotics classes: Still time to sign up!

There is still time to sign your kids up for our Lego Robotics/Simple Machines classes!!! Classes start this weekend – $60 for 7 classes. They will learn how to build ...