“Off-site” refers to any class presentation that is not at the actual Discovery Center. For example, a class in which the instructor drives to your school/facility and gives a presentation there, is considered an off-site presentation.

Some of the Off-site programs we offer are listed below:

“Suitcase Science” : 1 hour long presentation with a max of 35 students for $150. To see more info click this link

“Assembly Style Science” : 1 hour long presentation or groups larger than 35 students for $200.

“Presenting at your Event” :  2 hour science tables set up at your event for $200. This isn’t a class so much as it is an activity table. Ideal for carnivals, fairs, or other similar events where people can come and go as they please.

“Star Lab” : Our mobile and inflatable indoor planetarium. We have a small dome which holds 30 people for $150 (dome size is 11ft tall, 23ft by 23ft ). We also have a large dome which holds 60 people for $200 (dome size is 15ft tall, 35ft by 35 ft). Both domes must be inside. All Star Lab classes are an hour long and take an hour to set up and an hour to take down. For more info on Star Lab visit our link