“Star Lab” : This class teaches the students about the planets, stars, galaxy and the constellations in the sky, along with different culture’s legends and characters. We have a planetarium that we use to help demonstrate the night sky that the kids sit in and experience the star lab class. Our planetarium is mobile and inflatable for indoor use. Like most of our other classes Star Labs are offered On-site and Off-site.

We have a small dome which holds 30 people for $150 (dome size is 11ft tall, 23ft by 23ft ). We also have a large dome which holds 60 people for $200 (dome size is 15ft tall, 35ft by 35 ft).

Some things to take into consideration before having a Star Lab class: Which ever planetarium you may choose to have at your facility, it must be housed indoors. Also the dimensions of the room in which the planetarium is housed in of course need to be  larger than that of the planetarium itself. Lastly, all Star Lab classes are an hour long and take an hour to set up and an hour to take down.