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All classes are aligned to CA Science Standards by grade level.

All classes are aligned to FUSD science standards by grade level.

All classes are aligned to EEI science concepts by grade level


Class Summaries 2011/2012

We have been busy this summer!  We have refined & added content to our classes to better serve our teacher’s requests!  None of our classes were discontinued, all of your favorites are still here! - we just put together more of a “whole package” selection for each of our classes.  Please call us if you have any questions!  251-5533. Or email us at

ALL of our classes provide HANDS-ON activities and projects! OUR MOTTO IS “Touch! Touch! Touch!”


Pre to Kindergarten

“Animal Mania”…. this class integrates the different kinds of plants and animals that inhabit the earth/ Similarities and differences/Birds, mammals, reptiles and insects.  Lots to see and touch!   This class has lots of bio-facts and a live animal presentation. 2a/2b/2c/3a  (mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates)

“Home Sweet Home” …this class combines the concepts that the earth is composed of Land, air & water.  What is climate?  Where is the ocean?  What is a desert? Who lives where and why? This class will include making rain clouds and bird feeders.  SS 1b/1c/3a,b  (Habitats)

Grades 1 and 2 ~

·“Johnny Appleseed” … blends Habitats, climate, Earths materials, fruits and flowers, conservation.  SS-1a/2a,b,c,e/3b,c  (Plant a seed, Worm Farm, etc)

“Are you my Momma?” … combines Life Cycles, habitats, adaptations.  Feet and teeth,structure and function. SS 2b,c,d,e/3b,c  (Pond Life, Life Cycles)

“Rainbows & Lasers” … integrates magnets, gravity, light & sound, and the Five Senses.

Grades 3 to 6

“A day in the life of a Native American” …demonstrates local Native American Life 200 yrs ago, natural resources, and local geography.

“Storm Chasing!” …explains some connections between weather, precipitation, Lunar cycles, the Sun & the moon.  Includes reading thermometers, barometers, and tidal maps.

“Gold Rush!” …investigating geology, creeks to oceans, topography, and weathering.   All students will learn how to read a topography map, and learn about gems & minerals. (Local geography)

“Rim of Fire” …study and comparison of earthquakes, volcanoes, tectonic plates, and landslides.

“Creeks to Oceans” …integrates freshwater vs. salt water, marine & coastal habitats, wetlands, and decomposers.

“Weird Science” … explores atoms & molecules, mixtures & compounds, and the elements.  All classes will experiment with solids, gases, & liquids to learn chemical reactions,

“Rock of Ages“ … integrates Fossils, rock science, earths structure, geologic events, Pre historic creatures, adaptations.

“Frankenstein’s Lab” … a combination of Magnets & electricity, sun waves, sound waves, water waves, electrical currents, mirrors, gravitation. All students will have a hands-on experience with large & small magnets, generators, and circuit tables.

“To Infinity & Beyond!” … rockets, magnets, poles, energy can be converted into light, heat, and motion.  Integrates renewable energy sources. All classes will make rockets and launch them.

“Blood, guts & eyeballs”… demonstrates structure & function, adaptations.  Includes an actual demonstration of dissecting a sheep lung and trachea.

“Star Lab”… This class teaches the students about the planets, stars, galaxy and the constellations in the sky, along with different culture’s legends and characters. We have a planetarium that we use to help demonstrate the night sky that the kids sit in and experience the star lab class.


Grades 7 – 12 ~
we have all the same class concepts for older kids- just more in-depth and involved.