Summer Camp 2012






This year we will have two different Summer Camp programs. Ages (5-12) Read below:Widget Workshop-The Discovery Center will be having a “widget workshop” summer camp July 10th – July 13th and also July 24th – July 27th. This summer camp is all about tools, gadgets, mechanics, engineering. What does your child want to build (or take apart?) our knowledgeable staff will supervise your naturally curious carpenter, mechanic, or engineer in a real life hands on setting. Your child can build, use real tools, learn the concepts of how and why things work or don’t work, and explore to their hearts content! It can be their own experimental garage, with a bunch of stuff they can play around with, build, or take apart without the worry of doing it “right” or “wrong”. Class sizes are limited. $40 for a full day (9am-4pm) $20 for a half day (1pm-4pm). Ages: 5-12

Free Range Science-

A full spectrum creative workshop. This is camp, not school! Your child will love this special week! With our extensive collection of equipment, knowledge & supplies your child will discover that science is everywhere! It’s in arts, crafts, nature, and music. As they pursue their own project or passion, they will gain unique experience offered only at the Discovery Center. Using all of their senses and all of their imagination, they can take time to explore at their own pace in a melding of scientific concepts, concrete skills, and artistic exploration. Class sizes are limited
Dates: July 17th-20th, July 26th-30th, July 31th- August 3rd
Ages: 5-12