All volunteers are GREATLY appreciated!!!

These are our currently available positions:

Gardening Help – do you want to help beautify the park?  This is all about taking care of the plant life we have, and learning some general botany along the way!   Hours available: 9am – 2 pm, 7 days a week.

Animal Care – learn how to prepare different animal diets according to different needs and why it is so important to their health.  This position offers lots of animal interaction! Hours available: 9am – 12 pm, Mon – Saturday.

 Assisting Educators – We have a variety of classes & subjects that we teach to different age groups all year around. Join our Instructors in helping teach thru hands-on activities. Hours available: 9am – 2 pm, Monday – Friday.

The Discovery Center is a 6 Acre facility. It’s upkeep needs are great!  Any and all volunteer help is gratefully appreciated!

All potential volunteers must fill out an application and go  through a short interview process.

Please call 251-5533 to request a Volunteer application.