Wish List ~ Wish List ~ Wish List

The Discovery Center is currently in need of these items.  We are not picky!  If you have any you can donate, it is tax-deductible and you will get a receipt.  (We are a non-profit and do not get a single penny of funding from the City of Fresno.)  Plus, you will be helping out a great cause!


Exhibits Needing Funding at The Discovery Center:

  • Reptile House Exhibit
  • Turtle Pen Exhibit
  • Bird Exhibit
  • Pon Exhibit
  • Fish Exhibit
  • Cactus Exhibit
  • Dinosaur Dig Exhibit
  • Live Animal Exhibit
  • Rock Exhibit
  • All new exhibits for inside Museum
  • Building project needs funding
  • New signage
  • Solar system Exhibit
  • Garden for the kids
  • Indian Village
  • Sprinklers
  • Exterior lighting
  • Exterior art work
  • New play areas
  • Kitchens
  • Gazebo
  • Exterior bathrooms
  • Structural repair to existing winery
  • Remodeling the existing house at 1937 N. Winery


Other things we need

  • Fresh vegetables/fish food (tortoises eat A LOT!)
  • Shop vac
  • chain saw
  • Animal Carriers (any type)
  • Art or Craft Supplies
  • Outdoor Paint (any colors)
  • Painting supplies (for outdoor use)
  • Computer paper, office supplies
  • Shelving units, or materials (any size)
  • Pillowcases and towels, (for the animals), old table cloths
  • Lightweight plastic folding tables
  • Used laptops
  • A good working used vaccuum cleaner


~We are a non-profit.  Our Fed. Tax ID # is 94-1450438.

Any donated items or gifts are a tax-write off and you will get a receipt.

Please call the office at 251-5533 if you can help.  Thank You!!!!